Comfort dect 128

Hi Auerswald people,

(i will do this post in english because that is better than my deutsh)

A question about the dect 128 system.
If i want to use a siemens comfort 4000 dect handset with the dect 128 system, how do it “extract” the “Seriennummer” from that handset?

Is this the IPEI number? I don’t know how to read it out!
Or don’t i need this number to register the handset with the dect 128 system?:confused:

Can someone tell me?


Hallo bergekste,

i try in in english (sorry):

  • press Button at COMfort DECT Base 128 until LED light red/green.
  • go to your 4000er Handset to login-procedure.
  • PIN are the last 4 digits of the serial-number of the COMfort DECT Base 128 (Backside).
  • read out the TK-System with COMset.
  • go to :internal telephone numbers -> Scr->COMfort DECT
  • here you have to select the last serial-number in the list and order it to one free internal Subscriber.
  • save the configuration to your TK-System, wait for correct Boot.

Good luck - be happy.