DECT 128 -- After FW update with DECT tools no CLIP info send anymore to outside

Hi all,

As I am no king in the German language, I really must say how much i respect the forum we have here. :good:

I have a problem with our DECT base 128 which is connected to a commander basic. After a long time of unstably functioning, I arranged the DECT tools from our distributor. After upgrading the FW, everything works great!!! Super stable!


When we call to external parties with our Siemens SL1 DECT handsets we will not display CLIP info anymore. Our calling number is not displayed anymore. This is what we noticed after a FW update of our DECT base 128. From a fixed phone (ISDN or Analog) everything works fine. I double checked all settings and there is nothing I can find which is wrongly set in the Comset utility. Also is updated the commander FW from 1.7C to 1.8C without the problem being solved.

Any ideas what can be wrong??



Dear all,

Just a quick update to the story above. The thing is: i updated the Base 128 with the “auerswald dect tools” to:

After the upgrade i don’t have the Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) of our phonenumber to the persons we are calling. This only happens when calling with the DECT phones (via the base 128).
(keine externes Rufnummernübermittlung)

So, its not a thing of the DECT Handys, but if you ask me of the Base 128. What should I do to reactivate the number presentation?? :confused: